Zarah Elizabeth


Zarah's journey in to fashion industry wasn't the normal process, she began her career in the fashion world after graduating at university studying psychology with buisness, since then she has worked with high demand celebrity stylists such as Rikki Finlay, Alexis Knox and Joel Dash.

Her fashion story is one that demonstrates walking into what was meant for her, after finishing her internship with celebrity stylist Joel Dash where she got to style award winning former Danity Kane / Diddy Dirty Money member Dawn Richard, Zarah has never looked back since.

Looking to expand her work and brand Zarah has worked on a number fashion editorials for well known magazines such as NEW Magazine styling the cast of Made in Chelsea, Solis Magazine, Minc Magazine, Noctics magazine, She has also worked on music videos with up and coming UK Artists & International Artists ( Emma Nyra, Farrah, Third Order Wizardry, DRAMAH) And not to mention she has worked on one of the most successful TV shows in the UK "The Xfactor".

Her work has also been seen on ITV (London school of Modelling).

Fuelled by her passion for fashion Zarah Continues to distinguish herself as stylist and now branching in to the Creative direction field where she demonstrate her love for fashion even more, She is unstoppable, " I want to be a well known fashion Icon" is how she puts it.

For more information on Zarah's work, Enquiries or bookings, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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